Iowa State Capitol - October 2, 2011

A Sunday morning visiting to Iowa's Capitol in Des Moines

View down Locust St. of Des Moines downtown

Pioneer father & son search for a home guided by an Indian

Buffalo head drinking fountain for people & horses, 1892

The Capitol was built from 1873 to 1886

Bicentennial Fountain replaced Centennial fountain in 1982

Great Seal of Iowa bronze tablet

The only statue of Lincoln as a father instead of President

The west side of the Capitol faces downtown Des Moines

22Klbs, 13in mortar used to bombard Vicksburg (1863)

West side facade of the Iowa Capitol building

Another view downtown higher up beside the mortor

Corner cutout lets the morning sun reflect to the west side

New 1873 cornerstone replaced the bad 1871 cornerstone

Mid morning sun shines on the south side of the capitol

23-karat gold leaf dome was recently been refurbished

South side of the Capitol pokes through the trees

Liberty Bell in front of the east side of the Capitol

Full morning sun ablaze on the Capitol east side

Soldiers' and Sailors' Monument was completed in 1896

East side battle depiction with sailor & infantryman

Four equestrians are Iowa Civil War generals

"Victory" up top and battle scenes depicted east/west

"History" gazes into the future & "Iowa" as a youngster

Four soldiers represent military branches in the Civil War

Infantry & Artilleryman turn their heads from Mother Iowa

Youthful “Mother Iowa” offers nourishment to her children

Monument to Iowa Senator Willam B. Allison (on plaque)

LtoR: Financial Prosperity, Legislature, & Knowledge

The topmost figure symbolizes "The Republic"
Backside has Peace, Humanity, & Agricultural Prosperity

Italian-Americans donated Christopher Columbus in 1938

Shattering Silence - Iowa's freedoms are for All

Purple Heart Combat Veterans monument erected in 2004

Korean War Memorial 14ft central obelisk & eight tablets

The Forgotten War started on June 24th, 1950

85,314 Iowans served and 508 died in the Korean War

The US had 54,246 KIA, 103,284 wounded & 8,177 MIA

Back to the car past the Allison & Civil War memorials

Final view of the gleaming dome from the southwest