Boston Freedom Trail - August 19, 2001

Start the Freedom Trail tour at (1) Boston Common

Next, the (2) State House (Massachusetts State Capitol)

(3) Park Street Church was just down the street

(4) Granary Burying Ground

Continue on to (5) King's Chapel, built in 1754

Robert strolls the King's Chapel Burying Ground

(6) Benjamin Franklyn Statue

More stuff to see near the Ben Franklyn statue

Like Robert taking David on a donkey ride

The (7) Old Corner Book Store

(8) Old South Meeting House, site of (9) Boston Massacre

Also close by (10) the Old State House

The Freedom Trail takes an abrupt turn to the left

(11) Faneuil Hall was too big to photo w/space provided

(12) The Paul Revere House, time to eat Italian food

With Paul outside (13) the Old North Church

Hangin' with the monk near the Old North Church

Heading to the Old North Church entrance

Leaving the Old North Church

Bullet holes at the (14) Copp's Hill Burying Ground

Follow the red Trail of Freedom to Charlestown

Approaching the (15) USS Constitution

The original travel obsession is warships

Waiting for the tour to start on the main deck

A sailor starts the USS Constitution tour

Cannon or whiskey?     Cannon!

Near the bilge pumps on the gun deck

Gun line up on the main deck

Not only pigeons love resting on the cannons

The fancy stern of the USS Constitution

One of the Old Ironsides!

Nice detail on the front of the ship

View of the broadside and ships name on the gangplank

The USS Cassin Young is near the Constitution

Robert craves the discipline of the Navy

USS Cassin Young (DD793)

Sharp bow of DD793

The Freedom Trail ends at Bunker Hill

Col. Prescott, my eyes are red after climbing 294 stairs!

Battle of (16) Bunker Hill Monument, fought June 17, 1775

View from the top of Bunker Hill Monument

Cassin Young & Constitution from the top

Too tired to know what direction I am facing

Blind pigeons took a toll on this window

More Boston from the top of Bunker Hill

Ye Old Union Oyster House, serving chowda since 1826

Online acquired photo of the Massachusetts State Capitol, couldn't get near it with all the scaffolding in August, 2001