Mississippi State Capitol - August 4th, 2018

Visit the "new" 1903 state capitol in Jackson, Mississippi, built in the Beaux Arts Style, on the site of the old state penitentiary

Robert waves beneath the dome towering 180 feet tall

View the ground floor entrance from the north side & High Street

Climb the stairs to the 2nd floor with 3 double door entrances

Stained glass windows meant to be viewed on the inside

Looking west toward West Street and the Woolfolk Building

Robert finds a warship figurehead displayed in front of the capitol

Back to the ground floor for another look at the Woolfolk

BB-23, worst US battleship ever made, obsolete before complete

Sold to Greece in 1914, renamed Lemnos & sunk by the Nazi's in 1941

Northeast corner view of the capitol with lion gargoyles & lighted globes

8' tall, 15' wide eagle, made of copper and gilded with gold leaf soars above

Circle around the rounded end on the east side of the Capitol

View of the east side and its four stories tall rounded end

Monument celebrating Free Mason Washington on America's Bicentennial

Black Walnut tree from Mt. Vernon planted on Washington's 200th birthday

First Baptish Church of Jackson was completed in 1926

Find a lighted entrance on the southeast corner of the capitol

Continue west toward the main entrance of the capitol

Find a WWI field gun with no identification signs or markers

A German 15cm schwere Feldhaubitze 13, heavy field howitzer made in 1916

The bas-relief sculpture within the pediment allegorically represents the agriculture, industry and arts of Mississippi

The Woman of the Confederacy monument cast in 1917 by Tiffany in NY

Four inscriptions to wives, sisters, mothers & daughters on each side

A woman presents a palm of glory to the dying soldier

2nd woman, Fame, recognizes her contribution to the Confederate cause

Their smiles inspired hope, their prayers encouraged faith in God

Perpetuate in marble & bronze the granite characters of soldiery

Their courage & tenderness soothed all wounds of body & spirit

Zealous faith in our cause shone a guiding star undimmed by the darkness

The southern face inscription is a quote from Jefferson Davis

One of 53 replicas of the original Liberty Bell

The Liberty bell toured the country in 1776 traveling 50K miles

The replica was casted in 1950 by France

Looking south toward Mississippi Street

Secretary of State building beyond the Liberty bell

Capture the south side and main entrance of the Mississippi capitol

Line up the Liberty Bell, Confederate Women and the Capitol

Step in a little closer to lose the trees framing the building

The Capitol was designated a National Historic Landmark in 2016

Capitol with Confederate Women monument

View of the dome, the eagle and the grand pediment

Find the American Flag in the southwest corner of the state capitol

The rounded west end of the Capitol building

View of the northwest side of the state capitol

Zoom in on the dome & eagle from the northwest side

The largest Civil Rights rally in Mississippi history was held in 1966

Civil Rights leaders gathered around a shot & wounded James Meredith & continued his March Against Fear to Jackson

The Mississippi State Office building known as the Woolfolk Building

Just north of the Woolfolk Building along West Street is the Congressional Medal of Honor Memorial

The 155th Regiment served 1798-2013, the 7th oldest US regiment

A soldier explains to his child why he must report for duty

Oath stated by newly elected and reelected members of Congress at the start of each new U.S. Congress

The 31st Infantry Dixie Division served in WWI, WWII & Korea

Mississippi soldiers who were awarded the Congressional Medal of Honor

The wall around the monument is tiled like the United States flag

Large bronze emblems of the branches of US military

Cross West Street back to the northwest corner of the Capitol grounds

Once housed in the "new" Capitol, the state supreme court is now separate

Carroll Gartin Justice Building was completed in 2011

It replaced a glass building built in 1973 on the same site

The Greek temple relates our system of law to that of early Greece

Mississippi state flag was adopted in 1894

At the Walter Sillers state office building, the Seven Flags of Mississippi: Spain, France, Britain, Bonnie Blue, Confederacy, Magnolia & United States