Washington State Capitol - July 23rd, 2020

Visit the Washington State Capitol building in Olympia, Washington

The capitol is referred to as the Legislative Building

Looking southwest from the Winged Victory Monument at Cherry Lane

View of the east side from the Insurance Building

Walk around to the south side between the Insurance & Cherberg buildings

Proud of being the 4th tallest masonry dome in the world

View from the sundial south of the Legislative Building

Vertical shot from the same location

Circle around to the SW corner to view the dome & main entrance

One happy capitol worker shows off their new Jeep Gladiator pickup

Circle to the NW corner, not noticing the Governor's Mansion in the trees

Capitol is currently locked up, online interior tours point out this tragedy

Look inside the glass door, to the entrace of circular foyer

Very interesting and still unidentified blue flowering shrub

Enormous Atlas Ceder tree native of northern africa

Westside view of the Winged Victory WWI memorial

The monument was dedicated on Memorial Day 1938

To the memory of the WA state citizens who lost their lives during WWI

The most prominent campus memorial set within the campus drive circle

Monument to former POW and those still MIA, dedicated September 16, 1988

Medal of Honor obelisk further east of the POW/MIA monument

Originally installed in 1976, a 3ft piece was added in 1991 for more names

Names include those born or resided in Washington when they perished

There are now 91 names displayed, with the last two added in 2014

Vietnam Veterans' Memorial, east of the Insurance Building, lists the names of the 1,123 Washingtonians killed or MIA, chronologically from 1963-1975