Aransas County Courthouse - January 8, 2018

Visit the 1956 Aransas County Courthouse in Rockport, TX four months after hurricane Harvey's destruction

The second Aransas County courthouse is boarded up and no longer in use

Too much storm damage has forced county offices to relocate

There was talk prior to the storm of building a new courthouse

Now a new courthouse is sure to happen

The first courthouse stood from 1893 to 1955

3rd smallest county formed from the coastal portion of Refugio Co.

Memorial to a long serving county judge Harden

Memorial to troopers Richard Berens and Harry Mills who died serving

Southeast side of the Courthouse viewed from Live Oak Street

South side boarded up as viewed from Concho Street

North side Mimosa Street entrance is boarded up

Must return in 3-4 years to see the third Aransas County Courthouse