Blanco County Courthouses - July 1st, 2015

Visit the Blanco County Courthouse in Johnson City

The county was named for the stream that traverses the region

Walk around the perimeter of the courthouse for a side view

And continue around for a view of the back of the courthouse

Nice artillery piece in the back corner of the courthouse square

Find the cornerstone and view the elected officials at the time

The courthouse will celebrate its 100th birthday next year

Only the 1st commissioner gets the full explanation on every cornerstone!

County was formed in 1858 but Johnson City wasn't county seat until 1890

Walk thought the metal detector to check out the 2nd floor courtroom

Looks like a standard trial courtroom and not a commissioners court

Microphone are the only visible modern convenience

View from the side with the jury box in the background

Telephone switchboard on display in the hallway

Directly across the street (Pecan Street) is Pecan Street Brewing

Have a pepperjack cheeseburger w/sweet potato fries and a Blond ale

Interesting hillside building between Johnson City and Blanco

I'll have to checkout the Lighthouse Hill Ranch another time

Stumble across another courthouse looking building in Blanco

It was built in 1885 and has a courthouse square around it

It is a musuem now & has fire escape stairs leading from the 2nd floor

Walk around the perimeter of the building

Need an umbrella to finish the circle as it starts to rain

Find the flagpole with US and Texas flags

This was the courthouse when Blanco was the county seat

The court room has been something else the last 125 years

It's been a bank, a newspaper, an opera house, and hospital since

Looks like the kitchen has been updated in the last 100 years

Roped off second stairway has a broken bannister

Court square crepe myrtles are in full bloom throughout the area

Just across the street is the Blanco City Hall with the water department, city offices and an italian restaurant next door, perfect!
Too bad the Real Ale Brewing Company, just north of here off San Saba Ct., was not open for tasting on a Wednesday