Bexer County Courthouse - March 17th, 2016

Find the Bexer County Courthouse at Dolorosa and Main Street

The fountain of Lady Justice with her scales and blindfold in front

Romanesque Revival building made of red sandstone

The fourth and "final" Bexer County Courthouse

The cornerstone was laid in 1892 and the building was completed in 1896

The fountain plaza is separated from the Main Plaza by Dolorosa Street

Cross over Dolorosa for further view of the courthouse

Cross the Main Plaza toward the San Fernando Cathedral

The San Fernando Cathedral was started in 1738 and finished 150 years later

The oldest cathedral in Texas hoisted Santa Anna's "No Quarter" flag

Find a marker stating that the Texas Heroes remains are entombed inside

Remains of Travis, Crockett, Bowie and others entombed here since 1938

The burial tomb of the Texas Heroes inside the Cathedral

The city is named after Saint Anthony of Padua, a Portugese Catholic priest

A vaquero prays to the Virgin Mary on the back side of the Cathedral

Beyond the Cathedral is the San Antonio City Hall completed in 1892

Italianate Renaissance Revival style building was started in 1889

135ft clock tower and corner turrets were removed in 1927 for a 4th floor

Monument to FDR given as a gift from Mexico in 1946

One of the oldest permanently settled areas in Texas, started in 1722

Beautiful arching window above the main entrance to City Hall

Monument recognizing Hispanics and their contributions

Find a water park just east of the Main Plaza

Five different areas display a message in english and spanish

Water puts people to work during the hardest times

We all need to make adjustments through life, bending here and there

We have greatly enjoyed running free along the peaceful waters today

Tamed to yield, to feed, to foster and find the lost

Cross over the San Antonio River using the Market St. bridge

Some fountains on the other side of the Market St. bridge

South view of the River Walk from the Travis Bridge

Waterfall beneath the Embassy Suites south of Travis Street

Close up the waterfall under the arches . . . cool!

1927 Casino Club building has Saltgrass Steak House at Riverwalk Level

View of the Riverwalk on the way over to the Alamo

A tile tapestry of the missions and courthouse outside the Hyatt

Alamo Cenataph is the memorial to those who died defending the Alamo

The Cenotaph marks the spot where slain defenders were piled & burned

The east & west sides incorporate images of the Alamo garrison

The east side has portrait statues of James Bowie & James Bonham

North side female figure symbolizing Texas, with shields of Texas and the US

187 names of known Alamo defenders are carved in the stone

Portraits of William B. Travis & David Crockett stand out on the west side

Across Houston St. is the 1937 Federal Building/Post Office/Courthouse

Across Ave. E from the courthouse is the 1924 Emily Morgan Hotel

Back across Houston St. are the Alamo Low Barracks and Main Gateway

View the Courthouse, the Emily Morgan and the Alamo's Low Barracks

The iconic bell shaped top was added 20+ years after the 1836 siege

Alamo courtyard has multiple memorial plaques and plenty of visitors

Trees and US Flag in front of the Alamo History Walk to the right

The mission was founded in 1716 and the cornerstone laid in 1744

Travis' letter from the Alamo that they would hold out until victory or death

The Defeat at the Alamo united the colonists to resist further oppression