Burnet County Courthouse - July 27th, 2019

Visit the Burnet County Courthouse in Burnet, Texas built in the Moderne Style with funds from the Works Progress Administration in 1937

Featuring polished pink granite similar to the Texas State Capitol

With scenes of Burnet County history and commerce etched in panels

Walk clockwise for a south side view of the courthouse from Jackson Street and see the town clock

The railroad arrived in 1882 and Burnet thrived afterward

The town clock is in the center of the history plaza and gives good time

Nice chronological story of Burnet County, just follow the bricks!

Fort Croghan became Burnet in 1849 and the county formed in 1852

CSA General Adam Johnson commanded Rangers 1862-1864

Blinded in the war, Johnson founded Marble Falls in 1874

The county's 3rd courthouse was built w/vault to protect county records

Time Capsule buried on the town's centennial to be opened in 2083

A memorial to the pioneer settlers who founded Burnet County

They survived the indian depredations and the scars of the civil war

Continue circling clockwise for a view from Main Street on the west side of the courthouse

Art Deco entry door and Burnet County workers etched in the panel above

The Ladies Auxiliary remembers all the Veterans

Complete the walkaround to the northside with a view from Washington Street and the large memorial to those who have served

Nice memorial to the home of the free because of the brave

Back side of the sculpted flames holding the sword

Find a 1949 Ford Coupe in the parking lot at the courthouse

It is only 12 years younger than the courthouse its parked before