Comal County Courthouse - June 30th, 2015

Visit New Braunfels' Main Plaza, park by the Health Department Fountain

Beyond the fountain is the 1898 Comal County Courthouse

The 1898 Courthouse had 4 entrances designed to be in the center plaza

New Braunfels was the state's 4th largest city in 1850

View the statues, memorials, fountain and gazebo of Central Plaza

Comal County was a confederate supply center during the Civil War

A memorial to the fallen soldiers of the Civil War 1861-65

A memorial to the veterans of the World War 1817-18

The fountain was erected in 1896 for the town's 50th anniversary

The fountain was refurbished in 1993

Bandstand gazebo was erected in 1905 for concerts

The gazebo was raised for a women's bathroom in 1926

View of fountain facing toward E. San Antonio Street

150th anniversary of New Braunfels was in 1995

View of the courthouse from the Main Plaza

Main entrance of four within the diagonals of the cross shaped building

Cornerstone shows the judge and only county precincts

The courthouse restoration was completed in 2013

Small courtroom on first floor for non-trial activities

Backdoor is a hidden escape for the judge in the upstairs courtroom

Three rows of chairs for those attending small court

Entry way to the vault now with heavy door opened

Looking up the stairs toward four flights to the top

Second floor main county commissioners courtroom

County judge sits in the center with two commissioners either side

Judge's view of the 2nd floor and 3rd floor balcony

Another view of 2nd floor and 3rd floor balcony

Overhead projectors and microphones almost distract from the lone spittoon.

Climb the stairs for a view from the 3rd floor balcony

The four commissioners have their offices on the 3rd floor

Portraits of prior commissioners courts on the walls of the 3rd floor balcony

Spectacular view looking down on commissioners court from above

Four commissioners desks with the county judge in the center

View of the Main Plaza from a 3rd floor window

Gold plated Winchester lever action rifle on display

Another, less fancy, rifle with longer barrel for long range shots

View inside the Precinct 1 Commissioner's office

Take the refurbished stairs past the refurbished tile on the 2nd floor

Outside to view the Courthouse Annex built in 1985

Entrance facing the Courthouse Annex, looks similar!

Drop by the Alpine Haus German Restaurant but is only open Thurs-Sun
It is less than a block from the courthouse on S. Seguin Avenue

Located in an authentic german settler's home built in 1850

Hoped to grab a beer inside the Faust Hotel's Brewing Company

Only view the outside of the 1929 Hotel & imagine the 1998 Brewing Company