Cherokee Co. Courthouse - November 29, 2019

Visit the 1941 Cherokee County Courthouse in Rusk, TX

The 4th County Courthouse but only 2nd built with masonry

County named for the people President Lamar drove from the area

The 3rd courthouse was razed after 50 plus years in 1941

The Governor appreciated how the courthouse was beautified

Cherokee County Peace Officers Memorial lists 6 fallen officers

East side of the courthouse from Henderson Street

To the south side with a Nativity set up day after Thanksgiving

South side viewed from 5th Street with the Gazebo

West side viewed from Main Street, AKA: Hwy 752

The Confederate Memorial statue is in the SW corner of the square

The statue was erected in 1921 before the last veterans passed

Northwest corner of the courthouse built in 1941 for $100,000

Cherokee County Veterans Memorial is a tribute to all soldiers

Cherokee County was a confederate manufacturing, supply & military center

2000 men from Cherokee County joined Confederate service

Federal Works Project enabled the building of new county courthouse

The county and city of Rusk were both established April 11, 1846