Coryell County Courthouse - July 27th, 2019

Visit the 1897 Coryell County Courthouse in Gatesville, TX

The south classical portico has paired corner columns

Made of limestone and red sandstone with four statues of Liberty up top

The porticos rise over arched entries in the lower level

East side of the courthouse from 7th Street

Monument to units formed from Coryell County residents

Monument to Coryell County residents who fought in WWI and WWII

Northeast corner view of memorial before the courthouse

The cornerstone has been weathered the last 120 years!

Laid by the Gatesville Masonry Lodge in 1897

The northside classical portico has single columns

Its two outer 1st floor arches are also thinner than the center

Bell of the Gatesville Volunteer Fire Department organized in 1884

Circle to the west side with direct access to the basement

West side also has the HVAC and power connections murking up viewpoint

View from SW corner of Courthouse Square at 6th & Leon Streets

The clocks are on time so there is justice, on each tower corner

Coryell CC is an Outstanding example of Second Empire Victorian Style!