Grimes Co. Courthouse - December 26th, 2017

Visit the Grimes County Courthouse in Anderson, Texas on a rainy day

The 5th Grimes County Courthouse with the prior four burning down

Limestone cornerstone among the hand molded red brick

Built around same, non-burning vault, from two prior courthouses

County namesake, Jesse Grimes, signed the TX Declaration of Independence

Grimes County favored secession by a 907 to 9 vote

Memorial to the Veterans of the War of 1812 and Texas Independence

Memorial to those who fought for TX Independence & the Republic of TX

Circle the courthouse counterclockwise to the east side

Continue the counter clockwise circle to the north side

Continue around Buffington & Loop 429 to the west side

Continue around for a view from the southwest side

Close in on the Texas Centennial marker made of sunset red granite

Town was named for last VP of Republic of Texas who died here in 1845

The double sided staircase rises to the district courtroom

The courthouse was restored and rededicated on March 2, 2002