Harris County Courthouse - January 30, 2014

Visit the refurbished 1910 Harris County Courthouse

Northside of the courthouse viewed from Congress Ave.

Fountain in Quebedeaux Park opposite the courthouse

Look back at the new Harris County Courthouse

Courthouse entrance looking east from Fannin

47 story 609 Main tower to be built after demolition

5th courthouse constructed here since 1838

Houston Bar Association was formed on 1904

Enter the courthouse and see the grand staircases

Look up inside the courthouse dome

Check out a court room on the second floor

Fountains in the corners of all six floors

Ornamental plaster restored throughout the courthouse

Fifth floor is last one open to the inner dome

More restored ornamental plaster

Original ironwork on the staircases

Find bathrooms on the top/6th floor

History of the Courthouse opposite the bathrooms

Views of downtown Houston with the courthouse in 1891

Don't miss the restored ceiling work

Closer view of the sixth floor elevator entrance

Go down a flight to photo the inner dome

Nice restored plastor work and stained glass inner dome

Closeup of the restored plastor work

Look down at the lower floors

Look all the way down at the grand staircases

Back to the staircases under the skylights

Original iron staircases & wooden hand rails

Looking straight up from the second floor

Cornerstone from the prior 1884 courthouse

Walk Congress toward the new Harris County Courthouse

Harris County Criminal Justice Center, Civil Courthouse & center jury plaza   (courtesy of pagethink.com)