Harrison Co Courthouse - December 29, 2016

Alex stops in Marshall, TX to see the 1901 Harrison County courthouse

A Neo-Classical Beaux Arts-style courthouse designed by J. Riely Gordon

It is constructed of corn yellow brick and carved Lueders limestone

Entry and upper porches supported by colossal pink granite columns

Lady Justice sits on top of the cupola with eagles gracing the roof line

A confederate soldier statue stands proudly on the courthouse east side

The courthouse is located in the heart of Marshall's historic downtown

The restoration won the 2015 Texas Courthouse Stewardship Award

Time to head inside the spectacular courthouse!

The courthouse cornerstone was laid in 1900

Henry T. Lyttleton was Harrison County judge in 1900

Staying past sunset would allow viewing a Wonderland of Lights

The grand stairway in the center of the circular designed building

The courthouse was restored in 2009

The ground floor is a museum to the county and origins of law

Guess where the County Judge stores his lunch box during work hours?

The inspection crew is ready to venture upstairs

Look up at the grand dome from the grand stairway

Head into the courtroom on the second floor

Two county commissioners are ready to discuss county affairs

Restored swivel chairs up front and bench seats right and left

Erin visits out the secretary's desk and calls for order in the courtroom

Head upstairs to the 3rd floor and find the county judge's office

Step out on the upper balcony and look down on the courtroom below

Beautiful restoration of the balcony seating area

Alex poses in the balcony center, viewed from the far left side

Look down on the Commissioners Court with podium front and center

Love the blue tints in the restored ornamental plaster

Exit the 3rd floor balcony and look down toward the ground floor below

Step outside the courthouse to see the monuments and ice rink

Check out the confederate soldier statue before the ice rink

Erected by the Daughters of the Confederacy in 1905

The girls pose with the Confederate statue on the courthouse east side

The soldier in the wreck of gray will hear the rebel yell no more

The ice ring is in the east side parking lot before the statue

Memorial to fallen Harrison County veterans of Korea & Vietnam

County named for TX Revolutionary leader Jonas Harrison

The city was named for US Chief Justice John Marshall

Hometown Confederate James Harper Starr, surgeon & postmaster

Hometown Confederate General Elkanah Greer (1825-1877)

Hometown Confederate TX Gov. Edward Clark (1815-1880)

Too bad we couldn't see the courthouse at night lit with Christmas lights