Jefferson County Courthouse - July 19th, 2016

The 1931 Art-Deco Jefferson County Courthouse

One of the few High Rise courthouses in Texas

Built during the depression with Beaumont's mighty oil reserves

Art Deco details include carved limestone vignettes of various workers

Honor to Citizens whose patriotism & industry are the cornerstone of . . .

. . . our destiny.         Reused cornerstone from the 1893 Courthouse

Art Deco's stylized, geometric ornamentation of nationalist symbols

Sadly, the 1893 3-story red brick building by E.T Heiner was replaced

Flags at half staff for the multiple police officer ambushes

Barred upper windows once held the county jail, now storage rooms

Head left to the 1981 Courthouse Annex beneath the Guardians of the Law

Over to the shady area between the 1931 and 1981 courthouses

Johns & Willard, the Crusading Lawyers, fought for civil rights for All

Four Friends - the front colleague was added 14 years later in 2013

Walk to the east side for an unobstructed view of the art deco design

The 2nd Spindletop oil boom of 1927 helped fund a fine courthouse