Lavaca County Courthouse - June 23rd, 2018

Visit the 1897 Lavaca County Courthouse in Hallettsville

The Grand Old Lady on the Square

Walk to the west side in shadow viewed from Main Street

Fantastic archways split the year built into two two stately shields

Continue around to the north side viewed from 2nd Street

Built with impressive plumbing for her time in the 19th century

The east side is in full sun as viewed from La Grange Street

Made of brown sandstone and grey stone shipped by rail from Mill County

The 170 foot tall clock tower can be seen for miles away

Gazebo provides outstanding photography opportunities for every occasion

The last of Heiner's 12 built courthouses of which six still exist

The 7 foot tall Seth Thomas clock still announces the correct time

The lower tower windows are two stories tall

Town originally Hidesville (buffalo hide), renamed for Mrs. Hallet's store

5th Lavaca County Courthouse and 3rd built in Halletsville since 1852

The courthouse was fully restored in 2003

Find the civil war obelisk in the southwest corner of the square

In memory of the Lavaca County residents who fought in the civil war

A larger memorial to Lavaca County residents to those who fell in WWI, WWII, Korea and Vietnam

1897 in roman numerals proudly displayed in extravagant font

With incredible Romanesque arches all sides of the courthouse

The courthouse beckons you to visit . . . alas on a weekday

Even the movie theater across the street thinks it is too incredible!