Leon County Courthouse - March 11th, 2018

Visit the 1886 Leon County Courthouse in Centerville, TX

The Renaissance Revival building used bricks from the prior 1858 courthouse

The courthouse was restored in 2007, 120 years after being built

The interior restoration is reportedly more impressive than the exterior

Veterans memorial in the NW corner of the courthouse square

View of courthouse from St. Mary and Casa Streets

Cornerstone of the 1886 Leon County Courthouse

One of the oldest Texas courthouses still in its original state

The 1913 Jail lies just east of the courthouse

Cornerstone of the 1913 Leon County Jail

Jail may or may not need a little restoration as well

Visit Centerville's courthouse square on a Sunday afternoon

Find a sweet 1959 GMC 250 Pickup parked at the square

It is restored inside and out, front and back!

The 1959 GMC is still a relative newbie compared to the 1886 courthouse and 1913 County Jail