Liberty County Courthouse - August 3rd, 2018

Visit the 1930 Liberty County Courthouse in Liberty, the seventh county courthouse where the first was built in 1831

Art Deco master piece with A. D. LIBERTY COUNTY 1930 on the facade

Eagle over the entry and detail in the stone and metal work

One of the original 23 territories established by Mexico in Texas

Civil War Veteran, State Senator and President of Texas A&M

View from the southeast corner at Main and Sam Houston Street

Head to the east side along Main Street by the flag poles

Fought at the Battle of San Jacinto and was 1st Sheriff of Liberty Co.

Established in 1831 as City of the Blessed Trinity of Liberty

105mm american howitzer used in WWII found in the northeast corner

There was a courthouse here before the county was established?

The gun provides security for the drive up ATM across the street

View of the north side of the courthouse from the northeast corner

View of the main entrance from the north side along Trinity Street with a star shaped garden around the center tree

Duplicate entrance on the north side

Fiberglass 1776 bell in need of some touchup paint

Northwest side has sunlight and clear of trees

Cornerstone laid in 1930, w/same architect building the 1936 Chambers CC

Wilson and Biggs were the county judges during the construction

East side entrance has the name up top but no eagle over the door