Polk County Courthouse - November 25, 2017

Visit the 1923 Polk County Courthouse in Livingston, Texas

The fifth county courthouse and second not made solely of wood

Polk Co. furnished 900 CSA soldiers despite having only 600 voters

The courthouse features classical revival styling with Beaux arts influences

Northward view of the courthouse from Church Street

Cornerstone showing the erected date of 1923

Wall of influential Polk County residents and county history

Closeup of tiled wall of famous Polk County residents and places

Continue around to the northwest corner of the courthouse

Listed on the National Register of Historic Places!

Monument to those who fought in the war over 150 years ago

Same monument with the intersection of Church & Jackson beyond

Thoughts from an earlier time that seem to be changing lately

May the monument remain despite over zealous "political correctness"

West side view of the courthouse from the railroad tracks on Jackson Street

And continue around to the south side on Mill Street

View from across Washington Avenue at Mill Street including the courthouse annex, gazebo and southeast side of the Polk County Courthouse

Zoom in on the 1905 Courthouse Annex, standing with external support

Complete the circle with the gazebo on the south east side