Sabine County Courthouse - August 3rd, 2018

Visit the 1906 Sabine County Courthouse in Hemphill, Texas

Hemphill's 4th county courthouse, built in in the Beaux-Arts style

Almost an exact copy of the former 1906 Jackson County Courthouse in Edna

The grand stairway is it's most recognizable feature

Hemphill was a command center for the Space Shuttle Columbia recovery

A 1909 fire destroyed the dome & clock tower and they were never replaced

Turning the southeast corner of the courthouse

Viewing the south side from Hwy 83 also called Worth Street

Central Air gets a boost from multiple window units throughout

Park along Oak Street in the shade on the east side

Straight on east side with arched windows & door on the ground floor

The border between Spain & US (1803-19) and Anglo entryway after 1820

Named for the nearby river, and one of the original 23 Texas Counties

City named for Texas Supreme Court Justice John Hemphill (1803-62)

1976 Bicentennial Memorial with fish, fowl and firewood

No CSA monuments in Sabine County courthouse square

It's a monument to Sabine County WWI KIA, nine listed

The courthouse was remodeled in 1938 via the WPA

Step inside the courtroom on the second floor with bench seating for those in attendance

No court in session on a Friday afternoon, the best time to visit

Step outside to the grand stairway and memorials on the lawn

The old county jail is on the southwest corner of the square

1904 two story Victorian Jail with castle top entry

The original interior had space for hangings but was remodeled in 1925

Now serving as the county museum & library 114 years later