Shelby County Courthouse - Nov. 25, 2017

Visit the 1885 Shelby County Courthouse in Center, Texas

Rotate left past the broken clock and veterans memorial

Shelby County Memorial to past, present, and future Veterans

Restored, yet still rustic, front door to the courthouse

Built to resemble the romanesque revival of an Irish Castle

Head clockwise from the north side to the north east side

View the store fronts along Shelbyville Street toward the intersection at San Augustine Street

View the county annex in the northeast corner of the courthouse square

Two story building built in 1945

Noe home of the Daughters of the Republic of Texas

View of the courthouse from the rising sun well lit east side

Another angle of the east side with morning sunlight upon it

East side courthouse doorway angles outward in an odd manner

Looking northeast down San Augustine Street toward the intersection with Shelbyville Street

Another annex building on the southeast side of the courthouse square

Also made before air conditioning and the date built plaque inside

Woodman of the World marker stands beyond the annex building

CSA Muster for Shelby County residents lost in war 100 years earlier

South side view of the Shelby County Courthouse

South side courthouse doorway with doors left & right to offices

The 1885 courthouse was refurbished in 1999

County named for Isaac Shelby, Continental Army Revolutionary War

Butterfly Garden in honor of Margaret Hathorn

Southside monument in memory of all veterans

View north of Nacogdoches Street toward the intersection of Shelbyville Street

West side view of the 1885 Shelby County Courthouse in the sunrise shadow

J.J.E. Gibson made the bricks and built the 1885 courthouse

More northwest view of the shadowed courthouse with sunrising in the east

Links all along the courthouse square may have been used to tie horses

The historic 1884 Shelby County Jail was also built by Gibson

View of the Shelby County Jail from Shelbyville Street

The Chamber of Commerce is headquartered in the old jail now

It's really all about the love . . . of Texas County Courthouses!