Walker Co. Courthouse - December 26, 2017

Visit Walker County's fifth courthouse in Huntsville, Texas, built in 1970 after the 1888 courthouse burned in 1968

Visit the gazebo at the corner of University Ave. & 12th Street

Continue to the south side of the courthouse viewed from 12th Street

The cornerstone from the 1888 courthouse is in the southeast corner

Bricks from the 4th courthouse were used in a home in River Oaks, Houston

View of the courthouse from the SW side at 12th & Sam Houston Ave.

A memorial to those who have fallen to cancer

West side of the courthouse with ground floor entry, planter park and county Christmas tree

A Texas Centennial marker is also on the west side

County named for annexation advocate and fallen Texas Ranger

North side of courthouse viewed from the busy 11th Street

Memorial to CSA patriots at the northeast corner of the courthouse square

Veterans memorial also in the northeast corner of the square

1970 Courthouse cornerstone on the northeast corner of the building

Gray's 1835 trading post here was named for Huntsville, Alabama

The first three courthouses didn't last and the 4th burned after 80 years