Wharton County Courthouse - June 10th, 2018

Visit the 1889 Wharton County Courthouse in Wharton, TX

The 3rd Wharton CC has a familiar memorial in front of it

But it is not a Civil War Monument but one to the fallen sheriff

Sheriff Dickson was ambushed while on duty on Feb 7, 1894

No greater love than he who lays down his life for his friends

Memorial erected ten months later in memory of Dickson

To the northeast side at Milam and Fulton Streets

Add new monuments rather than tear down old Civil War monuments

East side of the Second Empire and Italianate styled Courthouse

Marker moved here in 1977 from a block and a half away

County named for brothers who served the Republic of Texas

Southeast side of the courthouse from Fulton & Burleson Streets

Find the gazebo in the southeast corner of the courthouse square

Continue around the gazebo and ornate lamps

South side view of the arched windows and a tall central clock tower

Wharton County includes part of Stephen F Austin's original land grant

Southwest corner of the courthouse square has an interesting memorial

Lion pedestal's descriptive plaque is currently be refurbished

Wharton County Veterans Memorial listing county KIA from WWI on

Saluting the eternal flame of freedom in the heart of man

The courthouse was extensively refurbished and rededicated in 2007

Walking around the southwest corner to Houston Street

Now looking at the west side of the courthouse square

Continuing around the northwest corner of the courthouse square

New 2004 cornerstone indicates the degree of refurbishment

And finally, the Confederate memorial to lost Wharton Co. soldiers

Opposite the southeast corner is the Wharton County Jail

Erected in 1938, fifty years after the courthouse

Find the TeePee Motel north of town on Hi-59 Business

If finally shut down after receiving flood damage from Hurricane Harvey

Beautiful 129 year old courthouse proudly displaying correct time below the bonus lighted Lone Star at the very top