President Taylor's Tomb - April 29th, 2012

Zachary Taylor, the 12th POTUS, died in office in 1850

Taylor is buried in NE Louisville, KY off Brownsboro Rd

Taylor National Cemetery has over 13,000 interments

The National Cemetery effort was initiated in the 1920s

State of Kentucky erected the granite shaft in 1883

Taylor had the third shortest tenure of any President

He achieved fame leading American troops to
victory in the Mexican-American War

Presidential Seal on the back of the granite shaft

Taylor and his wife's tomb is beside the granite shaft

Originally buried in the family tomb on the left

A limestone neoclassical-style tomb was erected in 1926

Double glass-paneled bronze doors and marble interior

Margaret "Peggy" Mackall Smith Taylor died in 1852

Zachary & Peggy lie together for the last 160 years

The original Taylor family tomb

Used until National Cemetery status caused the new tomb

New and old tombs bookend the granite shaft

Earthen side of the original Taylor family tomb

Better view from on-top the original tomb

Time to let President Taylor rest again

Our 2012 Toyota Camry SE KYOH trip rental car

The quiet drive was appreciated by the surroundings

Head toward the exit and off toward Cincinnati and home