USAFNM Space & Missiles - April 28th, 2012

Apollo 15 Command Module Endeavor launched 7/26/1971

Endeavor's crew was Scott, Irwin & Worden

Flight-rated Gemini B/MOL capsule that never flew

The Manned Orbiting Laboratory was canceled in 1969

Flight-rated Mercury capsule that never flew

Inside the Mercury capsule heat shield

Chrysler PGM-19 Jupiter in service 1960-63

Boeing LGM-30A Minuteman IA first solid fuel ICBM

Douglas PGM-17A Thor in service 1959-63 & Titan II

Martin Marietta LGM-25C Titan II was operational 1963-87

Minuteman III & Boeing LGM-118A Peacekeeper

Boeing LGM-30G Minuteman III 1st to carry multi-warheads

Titan I & Douglas Thor Agena A satellite booster

Martin Marietta HGM-25A Titan I our first ICBM

Defense Support Program missile launch early warning

Up the elevator to look down upon the ICBMs

Project Manhigh Gondola surpassed 100,000ft in 1957

Cpt. Kittinger fell 102,800ft from Project Excelsior in 1960 to test a stabilizer parachute for high altitude ejections

Kittinger took Stargazer to 82,000ft for upper atmosphere observation and pressure suit development