Endeavour's Final Visit - September 19th, 2012

USA employees gather on top of the 600 Gemini parking garage to see Endeavour flyby

A two day weather delay has if finally arriving in Houston

Aaron and Robert get their cameras ready

Lisa & Tey look for Endeavour, Robert tweaks his settings

David shows off his forgotten aerospace engineering skills

Endeavor finally peaks out of the trees

The cameras come out and follow it across the sky

The Shuttle Carrier Aircraft (SCA) and T-38 passby

Endeavour make a second passover

Back and forth the shuttle fliesby

Making sure everyone gets a good photo of the aircraft

Endeavour is photoed with different landmarks behind it

And many passes are required to get it done

The pilot even practices a carrier landing

Touch and go then back into the air

Another flyby of Endeavour

The flyovers are getting closer and closer

It passes by and continues on

But circles back again for another pass

One more pass before coming in for a landing

Slow up and look pretty for the cameras

Time to line up for the landing at Ellington

Drop the landing gear as they approach

T-38 catches up to give eyes for the landing

Endeavour slips past the office building and lands

David is excite on the ride over to see Endeavour

We park in the wrong spot and earn a long walk around a fenced in runway

Lina, Denise, Lisa & Aaron walk toward Endeavour

First glimpse of Endeavour peaks between the buildings

Plenty of cars and people make the trek to see Endeavour before it returns to LA forever

Endeavour gets closer but we still must circle the buildings

Finally get around through the gates for a clear view

Get a photo at the ropes & lose the people within the shot

Come around to see the front of Endeavour and the SCA

Nice shot, few people, all good

Put the 300mm lens on for some closeups of Endeavour

Closeup of Forward Reaction Control System

Orbital Maneuvering System closeup

Closeup of Endeavour's nameplate

165 prior space shuttle ferry flights

List of SCA's crew on it's final ferry flight

David poses with Endeavour from a distance

Backup sister, space worker needs his photo taken please

Fire away before more people crowd in

21 years later David is back posing with Endeavour

Flashback to Endeavour's first visit May 6th, 1991

Lisa's turn for a photo with Endeavour

Aaron gets in front of the camera for a change

Backoff and let other visitors get their closeup photos

We start to head out and realize we need a group shot

Aaron, Lisa, Lina, Denise and David pose with Endeavour

David can't resist and gets a final pose with Endeavour

Our last chance to take photos so lets take a few more

David is wondering why it is so dark outside suddenly

Oh, yah, gotta remove the lens cap first

Why yes, I meant to do that

Hey is that the Enterprise coming in for a landing?

Next stop LA, where it was made and refurbished

Bag up the camera and head back to work