Texas at Colorado in Boulder - October 14, 2000

Denver Airport fountain

Pat and David visit the Coors Brewery

Buckets of wasabi ready for brewing

Pat toasts the town of Golden, Colorado

I hear the crowd a coming, the gates are now opened

the Horns haven't won in Boulder, since I don't know when

I'm here at Folsom Field, to see a six game CU series losing streak end

and I'm still hiding from my bro-in-laws, after that 49 point OU butt kicking

Ralphie enters the field, the fans go nuts and the crowd yells, "R-A-L-P-H-I-E!"

The Colorado team follows Ralphie out

Make room for Ralphie!

Texas players enter the stadium

Talk about good seats!

Texas players gather and get fired up about the game

The team and excitement continue to build

Texas enters the field

The 11th UT/CU meeting w/a Buffs' 6 game winning streak

Major scrambles right . . .

. . . and completes the pass

A cheerleader flips over a Texas score

Texas leaves the field at half up 13-0

Halftime roar of the crowd as Texas leave the field

The band and Hookem salute the team

Cory Redding is fired up!

Halftime, up 13-0.   Nice TV!

SE corner CU students throw batteries at the UT band

Twirler wears chaps after cold OU game

Ralphie makes his 2nd half showing

The CU players follow Ralphie on the field

R A L P H I E ! !

The fans are close to the incoming team

Here is to a great 2nd half

The team gathers for the runout

Texas enters the field in the 2nd half

Fabulous view from the Port-O-Johns

Check out the scenary around the stadium

Texas drives the ball in spite of the scenary

Roy Williams makes a 2pt conversion

CU touchdown one play after a fumbled punt return

Major hands off to Hodges

The CU quarterback was harrassed all day

Texas fans hinder CU play calling

CU quarterback gets sacked

CU punter runs the ball

CU fake punt gets a first down

CU quarterback rolls out for the final play . . .

. . . incomplete!   Texas wins!   28-14

CU officials tear down their own goalposts?

The teams greet each other at midfield

The UT Band leads the cheers for the fans

The team thanks the fans

All sing an inspired Eyes of Texas

The crowd cheers the team as they head to the locker room

The four amigos, David, Karl, Pat, and David, love the win

Walk back to the car

Awesome architecture at CU at Bolder

A final view of CU campus with fall colors