October 21st, 2000 - Austin, Texas
Texas [5-2] 46   -   Missouri [2-5] 12

HTE Webmaster, David Greif, ESA Chapter Hero for 2000-2001

Defense prevents a first drive Missou touchdown

Roy Williams makes a catch to the 5 yard line

Kenny Hayter fumbles into the endzone, Missou recovers

On 3rd and inches, Missou fails to convert

Here comes the rain, for the rest of the game

Texas makes it 17-12 as the first half ends

Halftime and most of the 3rd quarter was a solid downpour

Aimee, Mark, and Donna wait underneath the horseshoe for the rain to subside

Suddenly, second thoughts on going outside

The game goes on in the 3rd quarter

Glad the game was televised at the stadium

Check out the crowd that stayed through the rain

Texas kicksoff again after a score at the start of the 4th quarter

Texas wins!

Final score:   46 - 12

Lets go find someplace dry