September 22nd, 2001 - Houston, Texas
#5 Texas[3-0] 53   -   Houston[0-2] 26

Houston Texas Exes tailgate party started at 5pm

Mark Walker and friend sell beverage tickets

Debbie Harsch, Jason Bloome and friend

Houston Texas Exes President Steve Winter
and Vice President of Events Erin Finley

Cheerleaders fire up the crowd

Dynergy man is a close 2nd to the cheerleaders

Hookem raises the Longhorn spirit

Crowds begin to arrive

Cheerleaders perform the Wabash Cannonball

They really flip for the Longhorns

More Wabash spins

The tailgate partiers sing The Eyes of Texas

Tailgate party food and big screen TVs

The tailgate's hopping an hour before kickoff

Longhorn Band arrives on their way to the stadium

Longhorn Band plays Texas Fight

The unsafe stands not yet dismantled

4,150 Longhorn fans have no seat for the game

Middle section 309 are my two unused seats

National TV (ESPN2) sees the unused seats as well

Cougars enter the field

Cougar fight song is sung

The Eyes of Texas

The Star Spangled Banner

Kickoff.   Football above empty stands

Kenneth Lewis and son enjoy the game

Ricky Williams attends the game on Saints bye week

Ricky acknowledges his fans

Simms hands to Ivan Williams in the 2nd quarter

DD Lewis stops Cougar option for a loss

Cougars take the lead 14-10

Cougar fans celebrate their improbable lead

Texas retakes the lead a minute later

Andy gets his hat signed by Ricky Williams

Ivan Williams' 2nd touchdown makes it 33-14

Longhorn fans appreciate the game turnaround

Longhorns near the goal line often in the 2nd half

Both Brock Edwards & Chris Simms go left

Brock Edwards' TD makes it 40-14

Cedric Benson rolls left

Major Applewhite touchdown pass to Bo Scaife

Longhorns prevail over the Cougars, 53-26

The Eyes of Texas

First 3-0 start since 1994