November 3rd, 2001 - Waco, Texas
#5 Texas [8-1] 49   -   Baylor [2-6] 10

Big XII's Jim Knox tapes a game promo with us entering
the stadium in the back of a pickup truck

Alas, the promo wasn't used. At least I have proof

Pre-Game Party at the Baylor tents

Approaching Floyd Casey Stadium

Bevo moves over for the Baylor band

Simms hands off to Benson

Simms ready to pass to the left

Benson runs the ball to the 1 yd line

Simms sneaks in the touchdown

Baylor runs the ball up the middle

Strong Longhorn fan representation in Waco

Baylor pass almost tipped

Simms rolls left

Simms looks for BJ Johnson

More Horn fans than Bear fans in the 2nd half

Benson scores on the left, outside

Applewhite hands off to Ike

Applewhite wants to pass

Ike can't score from the 8

Mock 5 hands off to Ivan Williams

Texas wins 49 to 10

Teams meet in the center of the field

The Eyes of Texas

Greg Cicero and Major Applewhite shake hands