September 28th, 2002 - New Orleans, LA
#2 Texas [4-0] 49   -   Tulane [2-3] 0  

Back at New Orlean's Jackson Square

Working on St. Louis Cathedral

Mark & Aimee pose without feather boas

Not bad $30 seats

Here come the Longhorns

Coin flip

Longhorn grand entry

Cheerleaders and Tulane ready for kickoff

Tulane passes on first play of the game

Third down on first possession for Tulane

Tulane running play nets a first down

Horns drive after punt

Cedric Benson runs for a first down

Sloan Thomas 11yd touchdown pass

Texas drives as first quarter ends

2nd qtr Texas possession starts on 4

Good Tulane "D" holds Benson to one yard

Cheerleaders fire up the crowd for a Texas punt

Another Simms handoff to Benson in the 2nd quarter

Tulane halftime show underway

Longhorn band rocks the crowd next

Texas fans aren't used to such an exciting halftime

Superdome ready for any home team's colors

David Cadriel with son Luke

Longhorns return for 3rd quarter

Cedric rushes after 33 yd int/fumble recovery

2nd and 14 at the Tulane 15 yd line

Cedric takes it the distance for a 15 yd TD run

Benson gives the Longhorns a 21 - 0 lead

Tulane inflato mascot comes looking for trouble

Mascot finds himself surrounded

Tulane's passing game not effective in 2nd half

Lee Jackson gets a sack for a 13yd loss

Next Tulane drive starts on their own 6

Tulane first down after unsportsman penalty on UT

Simms passing in the 4th quarter

38 yd Tulane field goal BLOCKED by Marcus Tubbs

Cedric Griffin picks up the ball and heads the other way

Cedric Griffon runs 56 yds for the touchdown

Tulane fumbles the kickoff, Chance Mock now QB

Selvin Young 2 yd touchdown run

Cheerleaders fired up after the score

Redshirt QB Vince Young watches

Game over, Longhorns win in the Superdome!

Wow, Iowa State beats Nebraska 36 - 14 !

Mark and Aimee happy with the 49 - 0 win

Longhorn faithful sing The Eyes of Texas

Longhorn team sings along

Cory Redding thanks the fans

David and Mark are always color coordinated

Orange exodus to Bourbon Street

Green Wave fans left in the third quarter

Pat O'Brien's Patio Flaming Fountain

David enjoys his hurricane not named Isidore

Aimee and Mark and the Patio Fountain

This orange & white feather boa don't match my shoes

Chris, Yvonne, and Kevin stroll Bourbon Street

Mark and Aimee having a good time as well

Chris, Donna, Yvonne, Aimee, Mark, and Kevin wait for a table at Divine Oyster Bar.

Woke up in Walker, Louisiana

Yellow butterfly graces Mark & Aimee's home photo

Saints ain't doing so good versus Detroit

Dogs say, "Come back soon."