October 5th, 2002 - Austin, TX
#2 Texas [5-0] 17   -   Oklahoma State [2-3] 15  

Pat and the Dave's meet at the Alumni Center

Another great day to be in Austin, TX

Oklahoma State is the third home game of the year

The Eyes of Texas

Team enters the field

Cheerleaders lead the team out

Oklahoma State does the same

National Champs Swim Team honored

Simms to Benson rightside run

Simms barely gets ball off before sack

The lone converted field goal, now 3 - 3

Simms to Williams for a first down

Simms to Williams incomplete, later missed FG

Simms to Johnson with one man to beat

BJ stretches out and gets the touchdown

Mangum still perfect on extra points

Halftime concentric circle show

Alumni Twirler wows the crowd another year

Over 1000 band members play The Eyes of Texas

Simms to Benson but OSU "D" holds

Simms runs QB sneek next play

Simms' QB sneek works!

Near end of 3rd quarter,   Texas 17   -   OSU 3

OSU "D" breaks up Simms pass attempt

Mangum hits 1 for 4 after this 4th attempt misses

OSU from the 1 throws a 25 yd first down pass

OSU goes for 2 to tie the game, NO GOOD

Texas sweats out a 17 - 15 victory

Horns remain perfect for OU showdown next week

David enjoys even ugly wins

The team and fans sing The Eyes of Texas

Stadium exodus near the alumni center

First one to tailget gets the last beer

HTE busriders stop in La Grange for Olsen's buffet