October 12th, 2002 - Dallas, TX
#3 Oklahoma [6-0] 35   -   #2 Texas [5-1] 24  

Two HTE buses depart for Dallas at 630am

State Fair means new cars such as this Crown Vic

New Ford Expedition

Donna wants one

This guy looks like he could start for the Horns

Emmitt Smith never looked finer

Donna fears not the upcoming cold front

Five Cowboy Superbowl trophies

New Mercury Marauder

305 HP American Muscle Car

I've been waiting to check one out for awhile

For $35K, I'll stick with my Maxima for now

Approaching unoccupied ESPN Game Day stage

A few await the broadcast

Texas player buses outside the tunnel

Entering Gate 4 for the big game

The view from $570/pair Foundation seats

Texas band performs before the game

Giant Texas Flag displayed

50 yard line split of orange and crimson

The Eyes of Texas

Giant Oklahoma Flag displayed

T E X A S   .   .   .   F I G H T

Texas players enter the field

Oklahoma players enter the field

OU catches the opening kickoff

Pass play to Griffin

Bevo gets air time

Pass to Roy Williams inside the 5

Simms plunges in for a 7 - 0 lead

Great seats for viewing camera men's heads

Simms hands to Cedric who is promptly tackled

Cedric never finds a hole all day

Simms gives it a go for no result

Bevo has inflato-Beev in his sites at halftime

2nd half, same running play to nowhere

Still no hole for Benson

Cedric's 1 yard runs are better than getting sacked

Bevo!   Don't do it!

Sooners put the final nail in the coffin

Texas returns a long kickoff return

Simms makes a nice pass to inside the 5

Simms plunges in, band prepares for cannon blast

OU kills time after onside kick recovery

Bevo confers, "This sucks!"

Sooners win third time in a row

The Eyes of Texas

Final score:   35   -   24