October 19th, 2002 - Houston, TX
Houston [3-4] 56   -   Army [0-7] 42  

Rain stops at end of 1st quarter in 14-14 tie

Army tries to move the ball at the end of 1st quarter

Army QB gets sacked

UH has the ball in the 2nd quarter

John Tyson first down to the 20

UH cheerleaders fired up

Chris Robertson fumbles away the ball

Former UT RB Chris Robertson leaves field with shoe

3 and out later, UH threatens again

Army answers, tieing game at 21-21

Army makes it 28-21 after interception

Cougars head to locker after tieing game at 28-28

Army heads to locker for halftime

Fans relax during halftime show

Houston ready for second half

Joffrey & Chris combine for 290 yds & 5 TDs

1yd Robertson TD after 53yd pass to Middleton

Army's Alexander catches a 3yd TD pass

Robertson busts a 56yd TD run, Cougs up 49-35

Joffrey Reynolds runs the ball in the 4th

Cougars looking to score on the Army 4yd line

Stephen Cucci catches a 4yd TD pass, now 56-42

Houston runs out the clock after the interception

David & Pat got no red yet weather the cold front

Cougs go to 3 - 4, Army to 0 - 7

Army players and fans play the alma mater

Houston does the same

Houston 56   -   Army 42