August 31st, 2003 - Austin, Texas
#5 Texas[1-0] 66   -   New Mexico State[0-1] 7

A tropical storm "Graces" opening day

Longhorn Band enters the field

Lance Armstrong & family bring in the game ball

The Eyes of Texas

Longhorn players enter the field

Texas kicks off the season to New Mexico State

Chance Mock hands off to Cedric Benson

Mock to Sloan Thomas for a 7 yard gain

Mock incomplete pass to David Thomas

Mock incomplete pass to Roy Williams in endzone

Vince Young gains 7 in his second run for Texas

Selvin Young gains 8 yards on the left

Vince Young quarterback draw for 16 yards . . .

. . . and his first Longhorn touchdown

A Vince Young 60 yard pass to Sloan Thomas,
a 6 yard TD run for Vince Young, plus
a Selvin Young 39 yard punt return touchdown bring the final score to 66-7.