September 20th, 2003 - Houston, Texas
#13 Texas [2-1] 48   -   Rice [0-3] 7

Indoor tailgate party at Reliant Center

Houston Texas Exes Board Members ready to party

David and Andy are ready for some football

Live Band about to start up

Longhorn Band heads to the tailgate

Cheerleaders and band fire up the faithful

All the traditional songs were played

Finishing up with The Eyes of Texas

Band files out starting with the flag corps

Follow the band out the stadium

Traditional parking lot tailgate party

Andy poses with the longhorns

It is finally gametime!

Longhorn work their pregame warmup

The Eyes of Texas

The MOB plays The Star Spangled Banner

Mock rolls right for a pass

Chance Mock hands off to Cedric Benson

Vince Young hands off to Selvin Young

Vince Young follows Roy Williams on an end round

Selvin Young goes in for the score

Chance Mock looks to throw a pass

Horns have one extra point blocked at halftime

Rice National Champion baseball team honored

UT Football interrupts the MOBs performance

Rice tries an option running play

Vince and Selvin run by the Rice defender

Brett Robin tries to score

Mack Brown checks on the injured Selvin Young

Great seats as Rice drives

Rice converts on 4th down but fumbles over the ball

Cheerleaders dance to the Wabash Cannonball

Vince looks for Roy running upfield

Rice picks up the first down

Rice finally gets on the board in the 4th

Matt Nordgren gets some time as QB

Albert Hardy runs out the clock

Big guys shake hands with little guys

Texas called off the dogs in the 3rd

UT rushing might equal 150 yds/game now

The football team joins with the fans to sing . . .

. . . The Eyes of Texas