October 4th, 2003 - Austin, Texas
#13 Texas [4-1] 24   -   #16 Kansas State [4-2] 20

Marsha takes over scheduling the buses (2 today!)

Annoying Bastrop traffic jam

ESPN Game Day at Austin for the big game

Right in front of the LBJ Fountain

Andy looks to make a run for it

Game time!   Head for the stadium

Inflatable Heisman makes its first appearance

Maybe Roy Williams will get a smaller one later

The Eyes of Texas

The Kansas State Wildcats take the field

Chance Mock to Cedric Benson in UT's initial drive

Mock looks to pass to Roy Williams

Ell Roberson scrambles out of the endzone

Vince Young runs the ball at the end of 1st quarter

Cedric Benson stopped at the one

Texas settles for a FG and a 10-0 lead

Kansas State tries to answer with an option run

Roberson fails on 3rd and shortly, 4th as well

KState drives again and settles for a FG, now 10-3

Chance Mock to Sloan Thomas for a 51 yd TD pass

Texas leads at halftime, 17-3

The Wildcat dances after a 3 play TD drive, now 17-10

Vince Young comes in on the 3rd drive of the quarter

Texas clings to a 5pt lead entering the final quarter

KState completes a 45yd screen pass on 3rd & 7

Roberson sneaks in for the go ahead TD, now 17-18

Roberson then runs the ball in for the 2pt conversion
Kansas State up 20-17 with

After traded fumbles and a 52yd pass to Tony Jeffry
Young hands to Benson who's stopped on the 1

Young sneaks in on 4th & goal for the go ahead TD

After stout "D", Vince Young takes a knee for the win

Texas comes back and beats a ranked team

The Eyes of Texas

Waiting for the bus caught in the mass of fans

The bus finally makes and we board up for home

Stop at Gattis for pizza and game scores