Oklahoma Doubleheader Game 1 - View Game 2 - UT/OSU
November 8th, 2003 - Norman, Oklahoma
#1 Oklahoma [10-0] 77   -   Texas A&M [4-6] 0

Sooner schooner heads to the stadium

Sooner statue carries bags of sugar

Nice clock on Oklahoma stadium

Early view of our seats across the field

Annonymous game attender with handout sign

Oklahoma flag unfurled

Sooner schooner runs across the field

Sooners kick off to Aggies

Reggie McNeal pitches to Courtney Lewis

Kejuan Jones 6yd TD, OU 14 - A&M 0

Bob's arms got sore today

Coach Fran needs Friendswood's Jaxson Appel
to make a few more tackles

Touchdown called back, but scored a play later

White to Jejaun Rankins 7yd TD, OU 28 - A&M 0

Aggies punt early and often

49 - 0 after the first half

Aggie Band wins halftime, of course

Backup QB Paul Thompson 3yd TD, OU 63 - A&M 0

Paul Thompson rushes 22yd to the 4yd line

Donta Hickson scores on a 2yd TD, OU 70 - A&M 0

Will Bob call the dogs off now?

On next A&M play, Derrick Strait 17yd INT TD return

OU takes a knee and runs nothing plays the whole 4th

Worst A&M beating ever