September 4th, 2004 - Austin, Texas
#7 Texas [1-0] 65   -   North Texas [0-1] 0

Brad Howell & Kenneth Lewis at the Alumni Center

David and Jere are ready for some football!

Another season begins at DKR-Memorial Stadium

A full crowd came early and wore orange

The Eyes of Texas

Mean Green down the first kickoff

1st play of the game goes for a 1yd loss

The pot of gold lies under home plate at Disch-Falk

Two Bevos are present, XIV stands while XIII relaxes

Kaelen Jakes recovers a fumble forced by DJ

Will Matthews dives in upping the score to 23-0

Young completes the pass to Scaife for the 1st down

Cedric Benson busts a 24 yard run to the 11

Vince Young recovers his own fumble

Zebra rules Brian Carter's great catch OB

Dusty Mangum makes the 3 pointer, now 27-0

Cedric Benson rushes 8 yards left to the 1

Young hands to Benson who drives in for the 1yd TD

North Texas band performs their halftime show

UT Band forms a longhorn in honor of Bevo XIII

Bevo XIV is introduced and XIII is retired

Bevo XIII doesn't want to leave the game at halftime

Will Matthews catches a 2 yard pass for a TD

They came early and wore orange but didn't stay late
for the squad players who play in the 4th quarter

Mean Green have 1:39 to end the shutout

They can't get it done and Texas wins 65-0

Largest margin of victory in 30 years

The Eyes of Texas