1892 Bishop's Palace - June 1st, 2009

Bishop's Palace (AKA: Gresham's Castle) is at 1402 Broadway Avenue

Built 1887-1893 for Col. Gresham, his wife, and seven children

Designed by Galveston's premier architect, Nicholas Clayton

One of the 14 most representative Victorian structures in the US

This means no photos inside the building

The Lion of St. Mark, cast zinc griffin at the start of the stairway

Inside the ground floor entrance under the stairwell

Stripped out level after Hurricane Ike's flood

The kitchen lies beyond the sheetrock repair

Ike's floodwaters were 3 feet, 1900 storm's were 6 feet

French lantern converted to electricity

2nd floor balconies with walk-in breezeway windows

The Roman Catholic Diocese of Galveston purchased the house in 1923 and it served as the residence for Bishop Christopher Byrne

Bishop Byrne converted a 3rd floor bedroom into a
chapel with ornate stained glass windows

The chapel (with dark windows) is just above the palm tree
The bishop lived here until his death in 1950

The diocese opened the mansion to the public in 1963 with proceeds helping fund the UT medical school's Newman Center

Side view from the Sacred Heart Catholic Church

A house directly across Broadway from the Bishop's Palace is ready for paint

The oak trees along Broadway are dying after Hurricane Ike's saltwater flood

Across 14th Street is the Bishop's 1904 Sacred Heart Catholic Church