Moody Mansion Tour - August 18th, 2014

Tour the Moody Mansion at 2618 Broadway Avenue in Galveston

The tour begins in the garage where you can view cars while waiting

First car is a sweet 1949 Cadillac Fleetwood "60" Special

Quickly realize the Moody's favor green cars!

The newest car on display is a 1953 Cadillac Coupe de Ville "Styleline"

Alright, who stole the hubcaps?

The final car is a 1931 Studebaker Dictator 8

It is not a Moody car unless it is green, now don't be envious!

Watch a video on the Moody family to start the $10 tour (Seniors $8)

Narcissa Willis had the mansion built to keep up with Jones around her

If you were important, you lived on the north side of Broadway

Like newer McMansions, the house took up most of the yard

Plenty of room for parking for hosted parties at the mansion

Brick wall hid the clothes lines in the drying area

Find the grand stairway stained glass window on the outside

No photos inside, but the grand stairway stained glass is online

Carriages dropped their visitors off here and they climbed the stairs

Around the side porch to view the stairs to the front door

View of Broadway from the corner enclosed porch

Front yard with wall hiding the clothes drying area

Stephen and Mavis enter the mansion after putting away their cameras

An hour later, we exit the mansion and pose on the stairway

Mavis' kinda house as long as someone else cleans it

Wait for a break in traffic to get a photo from the middle of Broadway

Corner shot with our tour members getting a porch group photo

Opposite corner shot with historic markers included

William L. Moody, Jr. bought the house in 1900 & lived here until 1954 death

On the market during the great storm, interest grew afterward

Children's Museum flooded to the level of the blonze plaque during Ike

Continue around to the back of the house and parking lot