Ocean Star Oil Rig Museum - August 21st, 2013

Overlook Galveston Channel between Harborside Drive and Pelican Island and view several oil rigs along the water's edge on the way to visit:

The Ocean Star Offshore Drilling Rig Museum

Walk the long shaded gang plank to the museum

Big pelicans offer additional sightseeing opportunities

Finally approach the retired jackup drilling rig

Try the Billy Pugh Offshore Personnel Transfer Basket

Deepwater robot (not Robbie!) on display

WASP atmospheric diving system good to 2300ft

Hard hat diver w/surface hose & SCUBA diver to 300ft

Head outside to tour the deck on level 1

Green Christmas tree of valves and gauges

Cementing Unit seals space bet. casing & borehole wall

Remote controlled subsea Christmas tree on ocean floor

Drill pipe and drill collars at the base of the derrick

Alex & Kathy walk past the blowout preventer

To the 28 crew member escape pod (Harry Potter tent?)

Wire line servicing unit acquires rock formation measures

Back inside and up to the 2nd floor for more displays

Cutaway view of a complex offshore oil rig

Up to the 3rd floor seascape/ocean surface diarama

Same view different angle of different oil rig equipment

Other types of oil rigs on the other side of the rig leg

Look outside to the gangplank and museum gift shop

Oil rig bunkbeds look like Alex's beacehouse bunk bed!

Alex checks out the driller's chair

Safety exhibits in the opposite corner

Alex arrives to the rig from her departing helicopter

Step outside to the level 3 deck & approach the derrick

Kathy waves to stand out from the red rig equipment

Please don't touch the Driller's Console

Drill bits and other equipment

Pipe fitter clamp and joiner tools

Kelly & Kelly bushing adapter

Look up at the traveling block, gooseneck & swivel

View beyond the museum gift shop to the Texas Seaport Museum, the Elissa and the cruise boat terminal

Head back inside under the helicopter landing pad

Ship that would transport an oil rig like the Ocean Star

See the same type oil rig across the channel after exiting

Inspired, David and Alex get right to work on an oil rig

Say cuz, do me a favor and keep the oil spills to a minimum please