USS Stewart (DE-238) - August 4th, 2007

The Destroyer Escort USS Stewart can be found at Seawolf Park along with the Submarine USS Cavalla.     The Stewart was constructed at Brown Shipbuilding Yards in Houston, TX on May 31st, 1943

The Stewart is landlocked at Seawolf Park

Named for Charles Stewart, captain of the USS Constitution 1813-15

Stewart's propellers on display with two 3 inch guns from the USS Texas

Climb aboard and view the surroundings from the SS Selma top left . . .

To the fishing pier, pavilion and parking lot beyond the ship museums

To the mighty USS Cavalla and the conning tower of the USS Tautog

The crew washroom is available for touring

But the bathroom is off limits to overzealous tourists

Stern depth charge racks used for whacking U-boats

Rear deck with four depth charge projectors on each side

Closeup of one of the depth charge projectors, called a "K" gun

Stern three inch 50 calibre Mark 22 deck gun

Three inch gun can toss a 13 pound projectile 14,600 yards

Is this the galley or the laundry room . . .

Well, these look like ovens, so, hmmmmm

One of eight 20mm Mark 4 Anti-Aircraft guns

Only one twin 40mm Mark 1 Anti-Aircraft gun onboard

Bridge or Pilot House of the USS Stewart

Look back through the opposite entrance of the bridge

Exit the bridge below deck or out through either hatch

Controls and portholes on the bridge

Look over the bow and the two forward three inch guns

Looking back toward the stern and the CSS Hunley reproduction below

Hedgehog behind the #2 three inch gun

Hedgehog projectiles only explode if they strike a sub

View over the bow toward Galveston Bay

View from the bow of the two 3 inch guns & bridge

Sparrow's eye view through the 3 inch gun

With below deck access closed, the tour is not very long

A compass encircled with plaques to lost US Submarines during WWII

View toward the stern of the long 306ft destroyer escort

Model of the CSS Hunley on display beside Stewart

Even new Hunleys look a little worse for wear

Conning tower of a scrapped nuclear-powered attack submarine

The USS Tautog served from 1968 to 1996

Ferryboat Ray Stoker runs past the other Port Bolivar ferries L-to-R: R.H. Dedman, Gibb Gilchrist, R.C. Lanier, and D.C Greer

View from Stewart toward the Port of Galveston where the Texas Seaport Museum and Ocean Star Oil Rig Museum reside

Walk past the pavilion and to the end of the fishing pier to see the concrete oil tanker SS Selma

The SS Selma was constructed in Mobile, AL in 1919, was damaged by striking a jetty in 1920 and sank at this location in 1922