A Visit to the Battleship Texas (BB35), March 26, 2001

Scott is as excited as the day he enlisted!

Starboard side towards the bow

My Navy days are flooding back!

Scott and the stern guns

Rear battery 14 inch guns

BB35 built in 1913

Former Monument Inn restaurant falling down

The Galley

Center turret, starboard side, facing stern

Starboard 5 inch guns

Make more gasoline or I'll shoot!

Forward battery aims at Santa Anna's encampment

Number 1 turret, port 14 inch gun

Number 1 turret, starboard 14 inch gun

Number 1 turret, frontal battery direction finder

Former Monument Inn getting worse

Crows nest was off limits

Battleship Texas visitor's center

Center turret and crane facing stern

Dentist office

Visitors may not take naps!

Shore leave result?

Operating room

Officer's quarters

Scott heads down to the engine room

Really old stuff!

Propeller shaft heading out of ship

Darkened off-limits areas, illuminated by flash

Haven't cleaned these areas up yet

Hey you kids! Get out of my yard!

Sam Houston's twin sisters cannons

Darn power lines!

Cemetary near Texan's encampment

David's flagship and the flagship of Texas

Still refurbishing the San Jacinto Monument

BB35 stands sentry nearby


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