A Visit to the Battleship North Carolina (BB55), September 13, 2002

Visiting BB-55 before UT/UNC game

Wilmington, NC across the Cape Fear River

Board BB-55 on port side of #3 turret

Kingfisher by removed and capped catapult

Another view of Wilmington from the stern

View of #3 turret

Deck recently refurbished

Ships Bell from 1902 Battle Cruiser NC

5" gun turret on starboard side

Stern view of starboard side

Twin turrets of 16" Guns

Starboard anchor on display

These are big guns!

How about a little scaling factor?

Battleship chains have big links

No entry into #1 turret

Turret #2 is open for viewing

Inside turret #2

Left most gun of turret #2

Chamber ready to receive shell

Middle gun ready as well

Turret #1 & turret #2 direction indicator

Right gun of turret #2

Right side direction finder of turret #2

Ships bell, commissioned 1941

View from bridge

Bridge view with wooden decks included

Empty ship's flags container

Direction finger & spotlight in tan camo paint

BB-55 Visitor Center

Top view of 5" gun w/ Cape Fear River

5" guns aim at Hi-421 bridge

Front top view of 5" gun

Looking inside a 5" gun turret

Right side gunner's seat

5" gun ready for a shell

BB-55's war record

Entering #3 turret

Powder load dramatized in middle gun

Loading powder in right gun of turret #3

High tech machinery below deck

BB-55 Galley

Right rudder hydraulics

No mattresses available for nap photo

Community toilet !

115 Volt fuses

Circa 1945 Word Processor

Shell storage below turret #2

Powder distribution below turret #2

Operating Room

BB-55 fancy silver

Overcast skies of Tropical Storm Hanna

Port superstructure & #2 turret

Finally find the ramp off the boat

Shot of bow within cloud of mosquitos

Wood ramp prevents full ship photo

Side shot with 16" guns

Stern shot from shore

No mosquitos at stern!

Final shot from road within mosquito cloud

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