A Visit to the Battleship Massachusetts (BB59), August 21, 2001

Battleship Cove in Fall River, MA

USS Massachusetts (BB59)

Stern shot of Big Mamie

Stern guns of the USS Massachusetts

French Battlecruisers beware!

Turret three 16 inch guns profile

Number 3 turret canopy for visitors

Rollers allow the transfer of powder from deep in the ship

Armament stored deep in the turret

No directly over the turret shots allowed on the big ship

Big Mamie's got low miles

Ship's Bell, since 1942

Big Mamie's Brig - Be Good!

Enter the forward Number 1 Turret

Right hand gun of Turret 1 - Lower

Right hand gun of Turret 1 - Upper

Turrets 1 & 2 of the Massachusetts

The Braga Bridge (I-195) behind the big ship

Battleship Cove includes the following ships as well:

PT-796 and PT-617

PT-796 in the enclosed museum

PT-617 is the 2nd PT boat on display

Only two PT boats on display in the world

Looks just like those models will built and blew up

USS Joseph P. Kennedy (DD850)

David poses with the big guns of the J.P. Kennedy Jr

Stern shot of the Joseph P. Kennedy Jr

USS Lionfish (SS298)

Lionfish and Joseph P. Kennedy Jr from BB59

Stern shot of the Lionfish

Long bow of the USS Lionfish

Forward torpedo room of the USS Lionfish

East German Missile Patrol Boat Hiddensee

Stern view of the East German Hiddensee

Gatlin gun of the East German Hiddensee