Bible Concepts and Chapters Found to Memorize

The Old Testament
1 -God created all things good
2 -Divine intentions
3 -The fall
4 -Brother's keeper
7 -The flood
11 -Tower of Babel
12 -Blessed to be a blessing
13 -Separation within families (Abram & Lot)
16 -Hagar and Ishmael
17 -Circumcision instituted
24 -Deliberate ethnic separation
47 -Geographic separation in Goshen
50 -God can use evil for good

2 -Birth of Moses
4 -The excuses of Moses when faced with a challenge
18 -Jethro's advice to Moses to delegate responsibility
19 -Israel, a kingdom of priests
20 -The Ten Commandments
21 -The eye-for-an-eye code
21-23 -Civil law for nomads
25-27 -Instructions to build a tabernacle
28-29 -Inauguration of the priesthood
31 -God equips people for specific tasks (crafts ability)
32 -The golden calf
34 -Visiting the iniquity of the fathers upon the children
40 -God, a constant presence in Israel's midst

16 -Day of atonement
16 -Scapegoat for sins and iniquities
17 -Life is in the blood

6 -Vow of the Nazirites
6 -Aaronic benediction
20 -Rock and water incident
24 -Star out of Jacob
31 -War as an instrument of God's vengeance

1 -Review of events from Horeb to Moab
4 -Exhortation against pure nature worship
5 -Second decalogue
6 -Hebrew creed
11 -Teach children the law
14 -The law of the tithe

6 -Jericho captured
8 -Destruction of Ai
9 -Gibeonite plot
10 -Southern coalition
11 -Northern coalition
24 -"Choose this day whom you will serve"

5 -History in poetic media

1 Samuel
2 -Hannah's prayer
11 -Saul made king over Israel
12 -King and nation to follow God

2 Samuel
2 -David annointed king over Judah
5 -David king over united Israel
5 -Jerusalem made the capital
6 -David makes Jerusalem Israel's religious center
11 -Seeds of trouble - Bathsheba
12 -Nathan's rebuke

1 Kings
3 -Solomon reigns and begins his rule well
11 -Solomon's reign deteriorates and paves the way
for a divided kingdom

2 -You defiled my land

4 -The Lord's controversy with Israel

5 -You who turn justice into wormwood
5 -Let justice roll down like waters

3 -You who hate the good and love evil
6 -What does the Lord require of you?
7 -He does not retain his anger forever because
he delights in steadfast love

2 -The exaltation of Mt. Zion
7 -A young woman shall conceive and bear a son
and shall call his name Immanuel
9 -His name will be called Wonderful, Counselor,
Mighty God, Everlasting Father, Prince of Peace
10 -A remnant shall return
11 -A shoot from the stump of Jesse
32 -The birth of a new era
51 -Paradise will be restored
53 -The suffering servant
The New Testament
4 -Temptation of Jesus
5-7 -The Sermon on the Mount
5 -The Beatitudes
6 -The Lord's Prayer
6 -You cannot serve God and man
6 -Be not anxious...the heavenly Father knows your needs
7 -The golden rule
10 -Not to bring peace, but a sword
11 -Come to me all who labor and are heavy laden
16 -On this rock I will build my church
18 -Forgive seventy times seven
20 -Called to be servants
22 -The great commandment
28 -The great commission

1 -The Kingdom of God is at hand
2 -Why does he eat with tax collectors and sinners?
2 -New wine in old skins
2 -The Sabbath made for man, not man for the Sabbath
3 -Sin against the Holy Spirit
6 -Brothers and sisters of Jesus
6 -A prophet is without honor in his own country
7 -Honoring traditions at the expense of their meaning
7 -Defilement from within
9 -I believe; help my unbelief
10 -Questions concerning divorce
12 -Render to Caeser the things that are Caesar's
and to God the things that are God's
12 -The widow's mite
16 -The resurrection

2 -The Christmas Gospel
7 -Forgiven much, she loved much
10 -The Good Samaritan
11 -He who is not with me is against me
12 -Son of man coming at unexpected hour
12 -To whom much is given, much is required
14 -Count the costs
15 -The prodigal son
16 -Sons of the world often wiser than the sons of light
16 -Neither will they be convinced if someone should
rise from the dead
18 -The Kingdom before family and possessions
22 -The Last Supper
23 -Father, forgive them
23 -Today you will be with me in Paradise

3 -Unless one is born anew - he cannot enter the Kingdom of God
3 -God so loved the world
4 -One sows, another reaps
5 -You search the Scriptures and yet refuse to come to me
6 -Seeking Jesus for the wrong reasons
9 -Who sinned, this man or his parents?
10 -I came that they might have life
12 -They love the praise of men more than the praise of God
14 -I am the way, and the truth, and the life
14 -If you love me - keep my commandments
14 -Because I live, you will live also
14 -The Holy Spirit will teach you all things
15 -You did not choose me, I chose you
18 -What is truth?
20 -Blessed are they who believe without seeing

1 -Jesus presented himself alive by many proofs
2 -The outpouring of the Holy Spirit
3 -You are the sons of the covenant - blessed to be a blessing
4 -No other name by which we can be saved
16 -What must I do to be saved?
17 -The unknown God
20 -More blessed to give than to receive
26 -Why is it thought incredible to any that God raises the dead?

1 -I am not ashamed of the Gospel
3 -None is righteous - not one
3 -None justified by the law - through law comes knowledge of sin
4 -Promise of inheritance comes through faith
7 -I can will what is right, but I cannot do it
8 -In everything God works for good with those who love him
10 -Zeal for God which is unenlightened
12 -Be transformed by renewal of mind
12 -Let us use the gifts God has given us
13 -Be subject to governing authorities

3 -Justification by faith
4 -Without knowledge of God, man is in bondage
5 -Freedom not to be opportunity for flesh
5 -Fruits of the Spirit
6 -We reap what we sow

1 -Christ bears the very stamp of God's nature
1 -Christ made purification for sins
2 -Christ tasted death for everyone
4 -Word of God sharper than two-edged sword
4 -Christ was tempted as we are
6 -Leave elementary doctrines of Christ and go on to maturity
10 -Law cannot make perfect persons
11 -Faith Chapter
12 -The Christian life involves its disciplines
13 -Jesus Christ, the same yesterday, today, and forever
13 -Here we have no lasting city

1 Thessalonians
4 -MInd your own affairs and work with your hands

2 Thessalonians
2 -Undue concern over times and seasons of Christ's return

1 Corinthians
1 -The world did not know God through wisdom
2 -Spiritual things folly to the unspiritual
4 -What have you that you did not receive?
6 -Lawsuits among believers?
8 -When liberty becomes a stumbling block
12 -No one can say "Jesus is Lord" except by the Holy Spirit
14 -God is not a God of confusion
15 -By grace I am what I am!
15 -The resurrected body
15 -Death is swallowed up in victory

2 Corinthians
3 -Degree by degree, changed into his likeness
5 -If anyone is in Christ, he is a new creation
7 -Godly grief produces repentance,
worldly grief produces death
8 -They gave beyond their means
9 -God loves a cheerful giver

3 -The manifold wisdom of God made known
4 -Do not let the sun go down on your anger
6 -Bring up children in discipline and instruction of the Lord

1 Timothy
1 -Undue concern with myths and genealogies
1 -Christ came into the world to save sinners
4 -Do not neglect the gift that you have
6 -We bring nothing into the world, we take nothing out
6 -Love of money the root of all evils

2 Timothy
1 -God did not give us a spirit of timidity
1 -Take your share of suffering for the Gospel
2 -Be single-minded in purpose

1 -They profess to know God, but they deny him
by their deeds

1 Peter
1 -Faith will be tested by fire
2 -Long for pure spiritual milk, grow up to salvation
5 -Cast all anxieties on God, he cares about you
5 -Devil prowls like a roaring lion

2 Peter
1 -Supplement faith with virtue, virtue with knowledge
3 -The unstable twist the Scriptures
3 -Grow in grace and knowledge