Study One - Creation and Its Concepts
Old Testament - Genesis 1-2, Psalm 8, Psalm 24

  • God Created - The message of the Bible is religious in thrust, not scientific.
  • God Created All Things Good - All good things must have upon them divine controls and must be used for their divinely intended end, lest gift become curse and good become evil.
  • The Earth was Relinquished to Humankind as a Gift - Humankind was meant to inherit the earth.
  • God Binds Himself to His Creation - Neither the world nor those who inhabit it are isolated from the continueing care and concern of God.
  • God Claims Ownership of All He has Fashioned - The earth and all things on it belong to God. The creator is owner.
  • God Owns the Creation - We are not on our own. We are owned.
  • Freedom within Limits - Any may choose to live outside and beyond the realm of freedom permitted by God, but the inevitable consequence of such behavior is bondage.
  • Created in God's Image - God matched his creation with a people who could appreciate it.
  • The Crown of God's Creation - Of immeasurable value in the eyes of God and the very crown of the creative process, people are the chief object of his saving love.
  • Called to Replenish the Earth - Through the divinely ordained institution of marriage, people upon the earth are called to participate in an ongoing creative venture.
  • Called to Subdue the Earth - We are "called" to probe, search, discover, and utilize all the rich fruits which the earth holds within itself.
  • Called to Dress, Till, and Keep the Earth - The people of God will seek to protect and preserve that which is precious so that all generations of God's people will enjoy the good bounties of the land.
  • Called to have Dominion - The inhabitants of earth are ordained by God to be his designated keepers of his garden.

Lesson 1 and its symbolism:
  1. Hands lifting the earth out of hazy mist - God created the heavens and the earth.
  2. Halo of white light circling the earth - God created all things good.
  3. Fingers opened on the right hand - God relinquished the earth to humankind as a gift.
  4. White links attached to the arms and globe - God binds himself to his creation
  5. Lettered banner flying on the earth - God claims ownership of all he has fashioned.
  6. Figure grasping staff - Humanity, too, is owned by God.
  7. Banner furling around figures - Fashioned and owned by God, humankind has freedom only within limits.
  8. Halo of light behind figuresí heads - Male and femail are fashioned in Godís image.
  9. Figures holding crowns - Fashioned in Godís image, people are the very crown of Godís creation and have been given four basic responsibilities toward the earth on which they dwell:
    1. First jewel in crown - To replenish the earth.
    2. Second jewel in crown - To subdue the earth.
    3. Third jewel in crown - To dress, till, and keep the earth.
    4. Fourth jewel in crown - To have dominion over the earth.