Study Two - Divine Intentions
Old Testament - Genesis 2-3

  • A Domain where Humankind was Meant to Have Harmony with All Things - Mortals were meant to dwell in harmony with God, with self, with others, and with nature in Eden.
  • Harmony with God - A Kingdom lay within the grasp of the citizens of Eden, where Sovereign and subject would live in everlasting harmony with each other.
  • Harmony with Selves - All the sworn enemies of human happiness which lay spoil to peace of mind were barred entrance to Eden's ground.
  • Harmony with Others - We are made for fellowship but look for qualitative relationships which are peaceful, unstrained, and rewarding.
  • Harmony with Nature - A people's relationship to God invariably affects their relationship to the earth.
  • Prevailing Harmony was Contingent Upon Obedience - God did not ask for obedience, He commanded it and said that his people would live or die on the basis of their response to that unalterable command.

Lesson 2 and its symbolism:
  1. Banner extended from heavens - God ushered humankind into a domain where it might have harmony with all things.
  2. Four mountain peaks - The harmony which God coveted for humankind was fourfold in nature:
    1. Raised arms of central figures - Harmony with God
    2. Banner enfolding central figures - Harmony with selves
    3. Clasped arms of central figures - Harmony with others
    4. Placid and peaceful lake scene - Harmony with nature
  3. Central figures with faces lifted upward - Prevailing harmony was contingent upon obedience to God.
  4. Halos behind central figuresí heads - Fashioned in the fullness of Godís image, male and female in Eden had the capacity for a perfect response to Godís will.