Saturday, May 15th

Looking southwest over the fountain at 7am

The breakfast buffet is ready to go

View of our bottom right patio after breakfast

Looking east down the beach

Looking west at the pool and lunch restaurant

Donna is ready for today's diving

Donna and Andy on the pier beside the Phoecena

FinPhoto's Nina on the other side of the camera

Heading out to sea from Stuart Cove's dive shop

Donna is excited about todays diving!

Colorful condos beside Stuart Cove's

South Ocean's pool, restaurant, and our building

Ten minutes to the dive site so get your suit on early

David and others watch as Donna jumps in
View Dive 9 - Pumpkin Patch

Andy tries to clear out his ears after a deep dive

Donna determines her pressure group for the next dive

Watch for dolphins while motoring to the next site

Donna does the big stride
View Dive 10 - Little Elvis Reef

Pass by the power plant

Ships dock offshore and provide fuel

Someone is seasick and someone is not.   Guess who

Nina and Andy upfront for a low tide dock entry

Storm clouds alter the later day's activities

It is like a scene from a 1995 Flipper movie

Rain will later washout the beach luau

Check out the low tide!

Andy feeds Bubbles a peanut off his hat

Lookout!   he wants that bigger peanut under the hat!

The other bird squeals like a yowling cat

Our next door room with a queen bed til Vicki canceled

Awesome caribbean palm tree.   I want one at home!

Drink Kalik, the national brew of the Bahamas

Strange fruit hanging in a tree

Leaving the Golf Clubhouse, back to the main hotel

Heading back to our room at the beach side hotel

Andy is all tuckered out after a full day of Kalik drinking

Nice sunset after a rainy afternoon

Long hallway makes an interesting photo

Luau buffet of curry fish, shepherd's pie,
beef & vegetables, steamed veggies

Andy and Donna await the Luau entertainment
moved to the main building

Julian, aka: Dynamo the Limbo King, poses with Donna

Andy and Donna know him from the Pavillion restaurant

David is suddenly up for photos and Andy joins in

Andy is ready for some more attention

He gets it with first the knee then the slap

The ladies bust out in a traditional dance

Andy and Donna are ready to try out the limbo bar

Dynamo starts out with an interesting counterbalance

Andy's eyes pop out of his head while assisted through

Donna puts out the best effort of the three of us

Popping knees & fear of lawsuits demand maximum assistance for gramps

Solo drummer puts out a powerful limbo beat throughout

Now with flames on top and flames below

No problemo

Lower the bar but don't loiter over the lower fire

Can't get much lower or hotter than this

I'm talking reeeeaaaal low

The famous "Obeah Man" starts to juggle

The "Obeah Man" plays with fire as well

Only Andy makes the "Obeah Man" nervous

The ladies break out into dance again

The Junkanoo parade horn section enters the room

The ladies dance as the band fires off a song

David should have stopped at four daiquiries!

The evening gets even more interesting yet

Now everybody smile

David and Donna lead the Junkanoo Parade

The spotlight can warp your head

The parade winds through the rotunda

Don't go too fast, backtrack, spin and step

Give a man a daiquiri and a baton and watch him soar

Andy takes a moment to savor some fine wine

Julian tries to reign in the Donna and David

David exchanges his baton for a dancing partner

Donna is too amused to break in

Not even an island girl can teach David to swing

David is re-energized after recovering the baton

"Too much fun" defined
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